The Cliffites have been entertaining the people of Birchencliffe for over 30 years. Our annual panto has become a must-see due to our locally sourced cast and commitment to tradition. The Cliffites have one aim – to put on a great show, and we love to get the whole community involved.

Generations of families have stepped out on the Birchencliffe stage. There are so many family groups and with the tradition of swapping gender roles in panto it’s hard to remember which he is a she and who’s related to who! There are many genres that appeal to different age groups but panto bridges the generation gap and The Cliffites thrive on that family feel. It means the younger members of the society are learning their craft through the eyes of our more ‘experienced’ actors, so that the tradition of panto won’t be lost.

Our scripts are written by Stephanie Potts. She started with the group back in 1988 as a munchkin in The Wizard Of Oz and has been hooked ever since. She’s been with us through thick and thin, the ‘thin’ being when our venue was destroyed by fire in 2007. It was then that Stephanie decided to try her hand at writing so that we could save some money and in 2010 The Cliffites made a triumphant return with Mother Goose.

Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength and are firmly committed to keeping the tradition of panto alive.