Code of Conduct for Younger Members

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Code of Conduct – For Younger Cast Members


I will listen to all grown-ups so that we can make a really great show.

I will be nice to everyone who is in the show and trying to help me.

I will not touch anything that I shouldn’t, such as props, scenery and costumes.

I will take care of everything that is given to me including script and song words and make sure my name is on them.

I will stay in the rehearsal room until my parents or guardians pick me up.

I will always behave well during rehearsals and performances both on and off stage.

I will listen carefully to safety briefings.

I will be ready to work when rehearsal begins.

I will tell the Producer or another adult if I am worried or upset or feel unwell during a rehearsal or performance.

I will have fun!



(To be kept by cast member)

Updated April 2018