Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct shall be given to each member before rehearsals commence each pantomime season and the reply form must be signed and returned to the Producer before participating in rehearsals or performances.


As a member of The Cliffites, I understand that there is a code of conduct I am expected to follow. Therefore:

I will respect everyone giving their time and energy to make our show a success. I understand that anyone in the rehearsal is there for a reason, and I will listen to everyone attentively and respectfully.

I will respect my fellow cast and crew members. I understand that we are building a production together, and that name-calling, bad language, gossiping, put-downs, rude behaviour, talking while others are trying to work, acting as a distraction both on and off stage, and any other disrespectful activity weakens both my performance and the overall show and will not be tolerated. I recognise that every member has a job to do that is just as important as mine.

I will respect my theatre space. I understand that we are guests in the Community Centre, and that poor or disrespectful behaviour on my part will reflect badly on The Cliffites and the show. I will not leave the areas designated for our use. (Under 18s – I will not leave the rehearsal space without permission). I will clean up any rubbish that I bring into the building, and I will leave my rehearsal and performance space as I found it.

I will respect the tools of my show. I will not touch any costumes/props/set pieces that do not belong to me/are not mine to use, and I will not play with any costumes/props/set pieces under any circumstances. I understand that any harm that should come to these items because of my actions will not only reflect poorly on myself and The Cliffites, but will also hurt the readiness of our show. I understand that I will be issued with one script and one set of song words and if I lose either of these it is my responsibility to replace them.

I will listen carefully to safety briefings and act as directed around scenery and the stage area.  I understand that the Stage Manager has responsibility for the backstage area during performances and I will adhere to his/her directions.

I will communicate all scheduling conflicts to the Producer at the beginning of the rehearsal process. I understand that scheduling rehearsals is a difficult process and that my unexcused absence can severely hurt the progress of our show. I understand that accepting my role in this show is like accepting a job, and that regardless of the size of my role, my attendance and punctuality is necessary.

I will attend all rehearsals to which I am called, unless I have already communicated a conflict to the Producer. I understand that all show week rehearsals and the full run through are mandatory.  I understand that having a party, not having a lift, being too tired to work, having “something come up,” not feeling like coming to rehearsal, etc, are examples of unexcused absences. I understand that continued unexcused absences may result in my removal from the show.

I will be ready to work when rehearsal begins. I understand that the start time on the schedule refers to the time at which rehearsal will begin, and so I need to be at rehearsal at least five minutes sooner. I understand that I need to walk through the door ready to work, with all my tools (script, pencil, highlighter, schedule, music, etc). I will leave any electronic devices turned off and in my bag. I will not chew gum during rehearsal. I will leave any bad attitude or bad day at the door.

I will take any concerns I have about the production or its participants to the Producer first. I understand that the Producer cannot address these concerns without knowing about them. I understand that the Producer is committed to providing a positive experience for all participants in the production. I will not discuss my concerns with my friends or on social media sites. I understand that voicing these concerns where others can hear or read them can be detrimental to the overall success of the production.  I will tell the Producer or another adult if I am worried or upset or feel unwell during a rehearsal or performance.

I will not engage in any behaviour that will reflect poorly on The Cliffites, both in and out of rehearsal. I understand that while in this production, I am a constant representative of this group.

I will have fun! I understand that everyone is committed to making this as enjoyable and worthwhile an experience as possible. I will work when it is time to work, but I will never lose sight of the fun of the theatre.  I will commit myself to making sure that this experience is a positive one for not only myself, but everyone else involved.

Updated April 2018



To be returned to the Producer before participating in rehearsals or performance

By signing below, I show that I understand all that is being asked of me, and I agree to the conditions outlined in the Code of Conduct. I understand that if I should break this code of conduct in any way, disciplinary action will be taken against me which could result in my removal from the show, and that if the behaviour is severe enough, participation in future shows may be denied to me.  This decision lies with the Producer.

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