Role of Fire Steward

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Role of Fire Steward

  1. He/she will make sure he/she has read the evacuation plan for the building at Birchencliffe Community Centre and understands it.
  2. He/she will check that all Fire Exists are clear when rehearsals or performances are taking place and make sure he/she is in possession of a working whistle.
  3. He/she will make sure the performers and audience know where the Fire Exits are and the procedure for evacuating the building, including the safe gathering points.
  4. He/she must be informed by the person in charge of the door, of any wheelchair users or person(s) with limited mobility before every performance.
  5. He/she must be informed by the Stage Manager of any potential fire risk during the performance such as candles, flash pots etc.
  6. He/she will keep the cast and crew signing-in book to facilitate checking that all are safely out in the event of an incident.
  7. He/she will be present during the whole rehearsal or performance unless prior arrangements have been made for a fully informed deputy to maintain cover in his/her absence.
  8. He/she will need to see evidence of at least one Fire Drill involving the cast and crew. If he/she is not satisfied, he/she may insist on another Fire Drill, even in the performance week.
  9. He/she will consult with the person in charge of ticket sales to check how many people are in the building both for evacuation purposes and to ensure we are within the building’s safe capacity.

Updated April 2018