St Philips Dramatic Society Constitution


St Philips Dramatic Society “The Cliffites”


 The Organisation will be known as St Philips Dramatic Society (or The Cliffites) (hereinafter referred to as “the Organisation”).

  1. Objective

1.1 The objective of the Organisation is to perform an annual pantomime, a community activity open to all.

  1. Management

2.1 The management of the Organisation shall be carried out by a committee consisting, subject to point 2.4, of at least five and no more than 8 elected members, of whom three will be officers (Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary) and the remainder will be ordinary members. The roles may be combined if necessary. A Vice-Chairperson may be chosen if necessary from the ordinary members.

2.2 To be eligible to stand for the committee, an individual must have taken an active part in one of the three last pantomimes (i.e. named in the programme)

2.3 The committee in its discretion may authorise activities related to the objective of the rganisation, including fund-raising activities, or for the purposes of raising the profile of the Organisation in the community (hereinafter “community activity”).

2.4 The committee of the organisation shall be elected prior to the Annual General Meeting (hereinafter “the AGM”), and serve for a term of three years, subject to premature termination of office by resignation. The committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur until the next AGM. Officers and ordinary committee members may stand for election to further terms.

2.5 The committee may co-opt additional committee members at its discretion.

2.6 The quorum for a committee meeting is fifty percent of elected members, one of whom must be an officer. The Chairperson of the meeting will only vote on matters requiring a vote if a casting vote is required.

2.7 The committee shall have the authority to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

The procedure for calling an EGM will be as follows: A proposal to call an EGM must be made in writing (including email) by at least three members of the committee to the Chairperson and Secretary. Those officers must call a committee meeting within two weeks of receiving the said proposal. The decision whether to call an EGM will be taken by a simple majority of the committee. An EGM should take place within two weeks of any committee decision approving the call for an EGM. An EGM may be called to consider, amongst other things, a catastrophic loss of funds, a loss of confidence in the Committee or any officer, a proposal to undertake an activity that would be greatly at variance with the stated objective. The rules governing the EGM quorum and eligibility to vote at the EGM shall be the same as those set out in points 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.

  1. The Annual General Meeting

3.1 The Annual General Meeting (“the AGM”) shall be held in either March or April. The date of the AGM shall be announced at the pantomime performed immediately prior to the AGM.

3.2 An AGM quorum shall consist of a minimum of two officers and seven attendees eligible to vote. The Chairperson will hold the casting vote.

3.3 To be eligible to vote at the AGM, attendees should be 16 years of age or over and have been actively involved (i.e. named in the programme) in the production of at least one of the last three pantomimes.

3.4 If a quorum is not met, the AGM shall be rescheduled by the existing committee members to be held between four and eight weeks after the cancelled AGM.

3.5 The AGM shall approve the Organisation’s annual accounts.

3.6 The officers for the year will be announced at the AGM.

  1. Finance

4.1 The organisation shall have a bank account, which requires two signatures for the withdrawal of money and the payment of bills, unless through Internet banking when the Treasurer may authorise all payments. The signatories shall normally be the Chairman and the Treasurer and one other member but the Chairman may authorise alternative or additional signatories through the bank. If the Chairman and Treasurer are related then only one may be a signatory.

4.2 The committee shall be responsible, at its sole discretion, for authorising any expenditure that it deems necessary to the running of the Organisation’s activities.

4.3 Sufficient operational funds should be retained to manage/ensure the pre-production costs of the following year’s pantomime can be met.

4.4 The committee may allocate reserve money to activities the Organisation undertakes.

4.5 The Committee shall ensure that adequate insurance is carried to cover all liabilities arising from the Organisation’s activities.

4.6 The finances of the Organisation shall be reviewed annually by an independent financially qualified person.

  1. Distribution of excess funds

5.1 After all expenses have been met and appropriate allocation of monies made, as specified in Section 4, any excess funds will be donated to St Philips Church, Birchencliffe.

  1. Child Protection Policy

6.1 The organisation recognises its duty of care under the Children and Young Persons Act 1963, the Child (Performances) Regulations 1968, The Protection of Children Act 1999 and the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000. The organisation use and adhere to St Philip Church’s child protection policy.

6.2 The Producer of all shows including children will be DBS checked and all those helping in dressing rooms will hold a Local Authority Chaperone License.

  1. Dissolution of the Organisation

7.1 If the Organisation does not undertake a community activity for two consecutive years, then the persons who were on the committee most recently must call an EGM as defined in point 2.6  to decide on the future of the Organisation. All assets shall be dispersed in accordance with point 5 by those persons who were on the committee most recently.

8 Amendment of the Constitution

8.1 This constitution may only be amended by a resolution presented to and approved by the Annual General Meeting.

Updated April 2018